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Deciding the Appropriate Amount of Insurance Cover

Deciding the Appropriate Amount 

of Insurance Cover

takaful ikhlas

Purchasing an Insurance cover is regarded as a crucial decision by a number of purchasers, particularly the ones who wish to limit their expenses each month with contrast of the ones who wish for an Insurance with the benefit of cash value, which comes at a higher cost for they are for longer time periods and have extra advantages.

As much as it is crucial to choose the best Insurance provider, it is also essential to decide an appropriate sum of Insurance cover required for an individual, because every individual has different needs and circumstances and thus the amount of Insurance cover required varies from person to person. An individual can ensure the purchase of an Insurance policy best suitable for his needs by doing ample research for how much Insurance does he require actually.

Every potential buyer must give proper time to ascertain the right amount of Insurance, before purchasing an Insurance cover. If an individual purchases Insurance for more amount than he really needs, then it may become difficult for him to continue the policy in case of financial breakdown. While purchasing less amount of Insurance cover than required, results in insufficient financial security to the dependants of the policy holder. Therefore, one should aim at purchasing an appropriate amount of Insurance policy, after weighing one's requirements and resources.

The question which bothers almost all the potential buyers is how one can ascertain the right amount of Insurance required. Eventually there is no accurate method to compute the Insurance cover required by an individual. However, many financial specialists recommend one to purchase Insurance cover which lies around 4 to 8 times of one's yearly earnings. But it is a very naive way to find out the right amount of Insurance. 

One should understand that every family has diverse and specific needs . Therefore to ascertain the right amount of Insurance one need to a thorough assessment of one's financial objectives, liabilities and standard of living .While deciding the right amount of Insurance, one should endeavor to strike a fair deal between how much he requires and how much he can pay for.

One should also keep in mind all significant expenditure covering short and long term expenses along with cost related with livelihood. Interim requirements may include remedial, infirmary and interment costs, attorney and private representative's expenses and unpaid loans and taxes. Long standing requirements may include educational expenses of children and outstanding credit. Livelihood cost includes total money required by the dependents of the policy holder to sustain their lifestyle for 12 months.

The survivor's advantage offered by the wife's social security, savings and other income resources should also be kept in mind. It is also important to consider the usage pattern of the returns by the dependents ie. Whether they would use only interest on principal amount to maintain their lifestyle or both the principal and interest.

One should not also ignore rise in prices which negatively affects the purchasing power of the death benefit. By considering all the important suggestions discussed above, one may ascertain an appropriate amount of insurance cover.

takaful ikhlas