Monday, July 20, 2009

Hire a Great Insurance Agency

Hire a Great Insurance Agency

takaful ikhlas

Let's cut to the chase. Insurance is a business decision that does not take precedence when looking for business solutions. Insurance is a topic that you know is important, you are not highly excited about, and you would like to speed through as quickly as possible.

On top of that, you are worried about being ripped off or embarrassed during the quoting process. 90 days before your policy expires, you're bombarded with a barrage of agents eagerly asking to 'quote' your insurance. On top of that, insurance is often seen as a financial burden. There is more associated with insurance than just getting a good price. A great agency is pro-active in helping you manage the total cost of your risks. The result being a healthier bottom line.

Here are six indications you're working with a great company:

  1. They should be a pleasure, even fun to work with. Being professional does not mean being boring. Don't believe it? Look at Southwest Airlines. They are far from boring and extremely pleasant to work with!

  2. They are professionally focused and committed to their insurance areas (i.e. P&C, Work Comp, Benefits, etc)

  3. The have a successful track record working with numerous companies, similar to yours. This proves that the company knows your industry inside and out. They should be able to tackle any questions you have or show you new techniques to grow your bottom line. Ask for references.

  4. They have effective personnel and technological resources. These resources should be up-to-date.

  5. They continuously develop innovative best practices through research and development. This keeps the agency ahead of the competition. Although some people see insurance as a strict, traditional service, this is not accurate. Innovation creates cost cutting techniques. 

  6. The company quickly responds to, and services all, risks and/or claims.

takaful ikhlas